Write a bad review, get your device BRICKED!

Imagine expressing your frustration with a poorly made product by writing a review on the manufacturer’s website, only to have the product manufacturer remotely disable your product.

That’s exactly what happened to R. Martin this week.  He bought an internet enabled garage door opener from Garagdet, but wasn’t happy with it’s performance.  He wrote this review on the community.garagdet.com user message board (which has since been deleted:)

Just installed and attempting to register a door when the app started doing this. Have uninstalled and reinstalled iphone app, powered phone off/on – wondering what kind of piece of s*** I just purchased here…

And then continued to Amazon to write yet another review:

Junk – DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY – iPhone app is a piece of junk, crashes constantly, start-up company that obviously has not performed proper quality assurance tests on their products.

To which Denis Grisak, the device’s creator and owner of Garagdet responded (on the now deleted community post:)


The abusive language here and in your negative Amazon review, submitted minutes after experiencing a technical difficulty, only demonstrates your poor impulse control. I’m happy to provide the technical support to the customers on my Saturday night but I’m not going to tolerate any tantrums.

At this time your only option is return Garadget to Amazon for refund. Your unit ID 2f0036… will be denied server connection.

Essentially turning Martin’s garage door into a wall.

After this post went viral, Grisak agreed to give Martin control over his garage door opener again to save face.

The internet of Things can greatly improve our lives, but it brings with it a litany of security risks and turns over control of your garage door opener, TV, phone, and countless other devices to the hands of strangers.

If you’re concerned with privacy or security, and want to make sure all your connected devices are safe from intruders (aside from just angry business owners.)  Then CALL US or EMAIL US to schedule a consultation today.