Windows Vista finally discontinued!

The most hated operating system since Windows ME is finally dead.

This week Microsoft pulled the plug on Vista, discontinuing support and updates for the OS that most people just viewed as a placeholder between XP and 7.  After 10 long years of supporting this garbage software the company announced…

“…The time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources towards more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.”

(Read the full public release HERE)

Why was Vista so universally loathed?  For starters it was slower and more resource intensive than XP, which came before it.  The Aero Desktop used more RAM and CPU speed causing basic functions to work slowly.  Users were not willing to trade speed and stability for a flashy graphical user interface.  Also it introduced UAC, or User Account Control, you know, the annoying thing that dims your screen and freezes everything whenever a small change to your computer is made.  And of course it didn’t offer driver support for lots of devices, forcing long time Windows users to purchase new printers and other peripherals.  If you’d like more details, there’s Literally a whole Wiki page devoted to all the reasons people hated Vista.

No wonder it was less than 3 years before Microsoft released Windows 7 in response to all the criticism.  Windows 7 will continue to receive updates Until January 2020 (At which point the author will be switching to Linux exclusively)

Not since Windows Millennium Edition has an operating system been so universally despised by everyone who used it.


Remember ME?

“Anyone Remember ME?”

So if you still are using a computer running Windows Vista, what should you do?  The short answer is BUY A NEW COMPUTER!   Read This Post for tips on the best computers for tight budgets.  If for some reason you want to keep your old hardware and just upgrade the OS, it’s important to note that Windows 7 has the same hardware requirements as Vista, but Microsoft is no longer selling it, while Windows 8 and 10 probably won’t run on the older hardware (unless your Vista machine was a total hot rod in it’s day.)  If you don’t want to stop using Vista, you’re in for a bumpy road.  Now that OS updates have stopped, so will software updates for all sorts of other products, like Google Chrome. Best just to bite the bullet and upgrade.

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