WiFi Security Gets Its First Update In Over A Decade!

WiFi has long used the WiFi Protected Access 2, or WPA2 security standard.  It’s a pretty good system, the encryption still hasn’t been broken and it’s in use virtually everywhere.  But recently some other security issues have come to light, (see My Last Blog Post) and since it was released fourteen years ago in 2004 it was probably time for an upgrade.  Well, good news!  The WiFi Alliance, (the group of engineers and hardware manufactures responsible for the “WiFi Certified” trademark) has just released the official set of standards that will comprise the latest and greatest in WiFi security – WPA3.  It will feature a number of improvements over the existing WPA2 protocol, including stronger encryption, protection from brute force attacks against weak WiFi passwords, and a new “Easy Connect” feature – the ability to connect Internet of Things devices that lack a display to your WiFi network by scanning a QR code from another device already on the network.  But don’t get too excited yet – we won’t be seeing WPA3 enabled WiFi devices until Fall 2019 at the earliest.  The standards have been released, but it will be up to individual companies to integrate these new guidelines into their products.  In the meantime, make sure you are safe by using a strong WiFi password for WPA2, good anti-virus, running system updates, and even using an AdBlock program.  And if you still don’t feel safe, CALL US or EMAIL US and we will run a full suite of security tests on your network to ensure you are the only one who has access to your data.