What are your employees doing with your company’s data?

What is your company’s data worth to you? Your inventory, financials, client list, patents, and trade secrets… What are they worth to your competitors? To a disgruntled employee, this information is money sitting on the table, it’s called corporate espionage and it happens every day. Each year 50,000 companies are the victims of industrial espionage and $445 dollars are lost globally: see this Washington Post article. Of course you need to trust your people, but what if you suspect one of them is leaking company data?

For years hackers have used programs called “keyloggers.” These programs run invisibly in the background recording every keystroke, keeping a log of every website visited, and even taking regular screenshots of exactly what the computer user is doing. But keyloggers aren’t just used maliciously. They can be used to pinpoint which employees are using their work computers for activities other than work: chatting on Facebook, visiting gambling sites, browsing pornography, and even selling company data to the highest bidder.

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