WannaCry? Not if Shreveport Fix It protects your computers!

I’m about to toot my own horn.

If you’ve turned on a T.V. in the last week no doubt you’ve heard of the WannaCrypt “RansomApocaGeddonWare.”  Readers of this blog are all too familiar with other Ransomware style viruses, but WannaCrypt and it’s variants, Wanna.Cry, and WannaDecrypto are unique in that they spread via both E-mail attachments AND through NSA backdoors in unpatched Windows operating systems.

So of course I was asked several times today,

“Have you been busy because of this virus in the news.”

My answer has been,

“Nope.  None of our clients were struck by the WannaCrypt ransomware attack.”

How can this be?  Well, for starters, we educate our clients to never open email attachments that they weren’t expecting. This means they know not to open ransomware and other viruses in the first place.

Second, we make sure our clients computers have Windows Updates enabled, and set to automatically install security updates.  We also alert our clients whenever their version of Windows is no longer supported or receiving updates (like Windows XP and Vista) and assist them in moving their programs and data to newer machines.

Third, our clients are all running a quality Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware product, like Kaspersky, Panda, NOD32, or Avast!

And finally, we help our clients choose the best backup solutions to fit their needs, so even if they were to be struck by a Ransomware attack like WannaCrypt, they would be able to restore all their valuable data without having to pay the hackers a ransom.

So if you’re tired of living in fear of technology, if you’d like to secure your business’ data, or if you’d just like your own personal IT guru to answer all your questions, then check out Our Subscription Plans, with an option for every budget, you can’t afford not to.  Develop your communication, Build your business, with Shreveport Fix IT