This Robot Can Build You A House!

Here’s something new: A robot that uses solar energy to build structures out of natural materials.

Maybe you’ve seen the Brick Laying Robot that can build a house using bricks and mortar and based off a CAD file. (If not, watch the video below)  It’s totally awesome, but it requires bricks to be shipped in, and this means more labor and cost.  And it runs on fossil fuels, meaning a constant supply of diesel is needed to run it.


(it’s still totally awesome)


But now, Thanks to MIT a new kind of robotic builder exists – a giant robot arm on tank treads that builds dome shaped buildings out of naturally occurring local materials, dirt, clay, even ice, and runs entirely off solar energy.  No bricks to ship in, no fuel tanks to refill.  Of course, it’s still in prototype phase, but once these are mass produced they could build low cost housing in disaster areas, or for the world’s poorest people.  Watch this baby in action:


The future can be scary with all the viruses, ransomware, invasions of privacy, and Russian hackers, so it’s nice to see new technology that can only better mankind.