Stop Windows 10 from advertising in your lock screen

A lot of people asked me “How can Microsoft give away Windows 10 for free?”

The answer is simple: You are not the customer, you are the product.

Microsoft can give away it’s latest operating system because it makes money from gathering data on all Windows 10 users and selling that data to advertisers, and by selling ad space directly within Windows 10.

This means that you can turn on your computer, and before you’ve even logged on be greeted with an advertisement for “Finding Dory” or “Tomb Raider.” Pretty annoying, huh?

Well don’t worry, because if you follow these steps you’ll never have to see another movie or video game on your computer’s lock screen again:

    1. First, open your Start Menu and select Settings.
    2. Next, select Personalization.
    3. Next, select Lock Screen on the left, scroll down to Background, and select either Picture or Slideshow.
    4. Finally, scroll down and turn off the slider that says “Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your Lock Screen.”

Now you will never have to see another annoying ad on your lock screen again!

Of course, this trick just disables advertisements, if you want Windows 10 to stop spying on you and selling your data, you’ll need to CALL US or EMAIL US and one of our technicians will ensure that you have the safest and most secure experience possible!

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