Stop using “Freemail” for your business!

I am amazed by how many businesses are still using “Freemail” for their corporate email solution, instead of using their own domain. There is nothing wrong with using Hotmail, Yahoo!, or Gmail for your personal email address, in fact I have email accounts with each one of these providers. But for business email communications you should use a business email solution. just doesn’t look as professional as

Another reason “Freemail” is not a viable solution for business email is that these companies have access to all of your business’ communications. This means that Yahoo, Google, AOL, or Microsoft can sell information from your emails to advertisers and other data mining companies. Also, for companies that handle sensitive information like medical records, legal documents, or payment information, “Freemail” is completely unsafe and can put your business at risk of being liable for losses and damages, should the account become compromised by a hacker. Don’t believe me? Check out Have I Been Pwned to see if any of your email accounts have been compromised by a data breech. You may have already been hacked and didn’t even know about it.

So why are so many business owners still using “Freemail?” Most people already know that they can have their website hosted by a hosting company such as Go Daddy or Hostgator, but they still assume that having a professional email that points to their domain name means having an onsite server. Private email servers are great for larger businesses, but they are costly to build and maintain, require electricity and a static IP address to keep running, and can mean downtime should something go wrong.

Fortunately, Microsoft now offers a service called Office 365. For as little as $5 per month per user, you can set up professional email accounts for everyone in your office @YourDomain, linked to Outlook or other email clients, and without having to have an onsite server. Check out Microsoft Office 365’s product page for more information. And, of course, CALL US or EMAIL US and we will come to your site and set up your new email addresses for you, hassle free. Develop your communication, build your business, with Shreveport Fix IT!