Stop Facebook Apps From Spying On You!

We all know that our Facebook data is not private.


It’s common knowledge that Facebook sells anonymized data to research and advertisement companies, this data is non-identifiable, meaning you become a part of a demographic but aren’t necessarily singled out.  At least the data you choose not to make public (anything you make public on Facebook is just that, public, and companies can scoop it up without even paying for it)  You can always adjust your Facebook privacy settings by clicking here .

But whether your posts and contact info is public or private is only part of the privacy equation.  You may have noticed other websites or mobile apps that ask to link to your Facebook account.  You give them permission and forget about it, but those applications keep the ability to copy all your data forever.  So now might be a good time to do a privacy checkup!

To see all the apps that have access to your whole Facebook profile (public and private) CLICK HERE and make sure to remove all the apps that you don’t use!

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