Ransomware without the ransom: EduCrypt is a virus with a moral

By now everyone that reads this blog is familiar with Ransomware. It’s the new form of computer virus that encrypts all the files on your hard disk and forces you to pay up to get your data back. There are hundreds of variants of ransomware, but a new version called EduCrypt doesn’t want to take your money, just to teach you a lesson. Just like other CryptoLocker variants, it hides in a file downloaded from the internet, and when clicked on it installs itself secretly on your computer and begins encrypting your files so you can never get them back without the decryption key… but unlike other ransomwares EduCrypt then gives you instructions on how to decrypt your files without having to pay a ransom, as well as a stern warning about downloading dubious .exe files from the internet. Read This Article on BleepingComputer.com to learn more.

Of course, the best way to defend yourself from a Ransomware attack is to make sure you have a regular scheduled backup of all your important files. If you don’t know when the last time your data was backed up, it’s time to call Shreveport Fix IT to schedule a consultation. Don’t wait until your data is gone, call today. Visit our Contact Us page for more details.