Make annoying advertisements a thing of the past

There’s big money in advertising. Until now advertising meant putting up a billboard or a spot on the radio. Now advertisers get their products directly into the palm of your hand. Also, until now advertisements provided information in one direction only. Now advertisements report data about their audience directly back to advertisers, invading our privacy. Finally, until now advertisements could not harm your property, but now clicking the wrong ad could infect your computer with a virus.

Fortunately, people are fighting back. According to This Article at, more and more people are using Ad Blocking software to keep annoying ads from annoying them, stealing their information, and opening their computers up for attack. Advertisers are upset because they’re losing money, but consumers are winning in the end.


If you’re tired of ads, do what I do, use a web browser extension like AdBlock Plus in Chrome or Firefox to prevent ads from ever loading, speeding up your web experience, keeping your info private, and keeping your computer safe from viruses. OrĀ CALL US or EMAIL US and one of our technicians will come set it up for you!