HummingBad malware controls over 10 million Android phones

According to this article on ArsTechnica 10 million Android phones have been compromised. The malware is known as HummingBad and this sophisticated piece of software works differently from other malware. Instead of encrypting files or stealing data, HummingBad creates a botnet of Android phones to manipulate Google’s advertising data, generating false clicks on ads and funneling up to $300,000 a month to Chinese software developers Yingmob at the expense of legitimate advertising firms. While that’s the extent of HummingBad’s current malicious activities, since this advanced malware gains root access over the user’s phone it also leaves them open for future attacks and data theft. Up to 50% of older Android’s running the KitKat version of the operating system have been compromised. If you suspect your phone may be being controlled by hackers, back up your data, wipe the phone and start from scratch. If you’re not comfortable modifying the operating system on your phone, CALL US or EMAIL US today to have your device repaired by one of our technicians today.