Have you been pwned?

Have you been pwned?  Probably.

If you’ve ever created an account on sites like LinkedIn, Myspace, Dropbox, or Last.fm, your email and password may have been stolen by hackers.  Data breeches happen all the time, and when they affect a lot of people companies are required by law to report them… but how can you tell if an email address you’ve used to sign up for one of these services has been part of a data breech?

By visiting Have I Been Pwned, that’s how.

This amazing site compiles all publicly available data breeches into one place.  Simply type the email address you’re worried about into the search bar, and Have I Been Pwned will tell you if hackers have stolen your information, as well as which site was compromised, when it happened, and exactly how much information the hackers were able to steal.

So you’ve been Pwned, Now what?

Well, for starters, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD!

Change your password for that email account, as well as your password for every service you sign into using that email account.

It’s also a best practice to change your password regularly for all your accounts, never leave passwords written in a visible place like a Post-It note on your desktop, and use different passwords for all your different services.

There’s no such thing as 100% security, and the more user data a website holds, the sweeter the honeypot it is for malicious actors.  If you’d like to receive a security audit for your home or business, then CALL US or EMAIL US to schedule a consultation with a network security specialist today.  Don’t get Pwned.