Google Docs Based Malware Spreading Across the Web!


If you get an unexpected email sharing a Google Docs file with you, DO NOT OPEN IT!

A new scam is going around where users receive an email inviting them to view a file in Google Docs.  Except when they click the link, it takes them to a fake Google Docs login page, when the user types in their Google login credentials, the hackers have control of their Google account.  This means the hackers have access to their Gmail, Google Drive – including all their Android phone photos, their contacts, and their Google Plus account.

The email in question looks like this, note that these messages are coming from “”

Needless to say, Google is taking this very seriously, they even tweeted this:


Of course if you follow this blog, you know to never open any email attachments that you weren’t expecting – this rule also applies to Google Docs or other links.  If you fell for this scam, change your Google account password ASAP.

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