Game-Port at Sci-Port

We recently had the honor of being a sponsor for probably one of the coolest interactive museum exhibits of the summer. Game-Port is a new temporary interactive summertime exhibit at Sci-Port Discovery Center. The exhibit gives us all a unique look at the evolution of console gaming through the ages, all while reimagining the classic games that we all know and love into life-sized interactive pieces of innovative art.

I had the privilege of taking my children to check out the exhibit this past weekend. It is jam-packed with things to do! From our kids, to the kids still within us, there is no shortage of cool reimagined retro games to enjoy! We particularly enjoyed the giant custom-made NES inspired controller. They also have a retro digital game inspired putt-putt course, as well as a really cool take on the classic early 1970’s Pong game called, “Port Pong,” where participants can stand in a portal and use their hands to control pong paddles in a giant overhead electric game of Pong!

While you’re there, check out the “Game Guts” display, where they feature the inner workings of classic gaming systems from the past thirty years. The gaming evolution timeline wall that serves as the backdrop for this was an interesting read, as well. This amazing interactive exhibit for all ages was developed by local “Imagineers” Ryan McCutcheon, BonnĂ© Summers, and Luke Lee.

Game-Port is also working with Contender eSports and River City Streaming to host a series of eSports tournaments and tournament viewings throughout the summer! The first one was on June 19th, but you can check out Sci-Port’s website and social media for more updates on that.

Ticket prices for Game-Port at Sci-Port range from $5 to $8 and the exhibit will be active until August 29th. Take the whole family and check them out at 820 Clyde Fant Pkwy in Shreveport, LA.