DON’T BUY A Pre-Built Gaming PC From Wal-Mart!

Christmas is right around the corner, and high powered gaming PC’s are a hot ticket item.  Should you buy a gaming PC from the same place you buy underwear, toilet paper, and dog food?  Probably not.  Wal-Mart has gotten into the gaming PC building action, and their products are pretty much exactly what you’d expect.  Over priced, low quality components, hastily thrown together, and sold to people who can’t tell good from bad.  Just watch this video below, this YouTuber bought Wal-Mart’s highest end gaming PC, but didn’t get what he paid for.  Don’t get scammed.  Pay a professional to custom build a PC to your specifications, and within your budget.   CALL US or EMAIL US and we will order and assemble a machine that will outperform anything from Wal-Mart, at a fraction of the cost.