Attention MacBook Pro Owners: It’s time to change your battery

A lot of people own MacBook Pro Unibody laptops. They are one of the most popular computers ever made, and rightfully so: They boast impressive hardware specs, crystal clear viewing displays, and a sexy sleek design that’s also incredibly rugged because they are carved from a single chunk of aluminum.

Even though these machines were produced from 2009 – 2012 they are still much sought after and can still carry a price tag of up to $600, not shabby for a computer that’s half a decade old! If you’re lucky enough to own one of these systems, you should hold on to it.

However well these computers are made – they still use the same Lithium Ion batteries that power most other electronic devices now-a-days. LiIon batteries are the best power storage technology we have today, but they only last 3-5 years. After 5 years, these batteries lose their ability to hold a charge, but what’s worse is…

macbook battery 2

…they swell. They swell so much, in fact that they can damage other components inside your computer. In MacBook Pro Unibody computers, a swelling battery can damage the keyboard, trackpad, logic board, and even crack the aluminum case.

So if you own one of these computers, and have never replaced the battery, it’s time to do it now before your computer gets damaged and the repair costs exceed the cost of the machine.

Shreveport Fix IT can replace the battery in your computer for a flat fixed rate of $120, including the part and labor. If you want to protect your investment, CALL US or EMAIL US to schedule a consultation today. Don’t wait until your investment is worthless!